• Social media and self-directed learning

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    Social media and self-directed learning

    I found Jane Hart’s post on social media FOR learning most thought-provoking:

    I have decided to categorise the use of social media in the following 5 different ways:

    1. IOL – Intra-Organisational Learning – how social media tools can be used to  keep the organisation up to date and up to speed on strategic and other internal initiatives
    2. FSL – Formal Structured Learning - how educators (teachers, trainers, learning designers) as well as students can use social media within education and training – for courses, classes, workshops etc
    3. GDL – Group Directed Learning – how groups of individuals - teams, projects, study groups etc – can use social media to work and learn together (a “group” could just be two people, so coaching and mentoring falls into this category)
    4. PDL – Personal Directed Learning – how individuals can use social media for their own (self-directed) personal or professional learning
    5. ASL – Accidental & Serendipitous Learning – how individuals, by using social media, can learn without consciously realising it (aka incidental or random learning)

    This had me thinking about how best to explain these categories to clients and folks not immersed in social media and learning. I started by looking at it as a 2×2 matrix, but of course there are five categories, so that wouldn’t work. However, the axes of the amount of direction versus group size made sense to me, so I created the diagram below. What jumped out at me after the fact, and I’ve highlighted in red, is that social media for learning requires a lot of self-directed learning, either individually or as a participant in a group/organization. Externally directed learning (FSL) is only one of five possibilities. Good food for thought on the future role of the “training” department, isn’t it?

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